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Most laws require a 30 day notice if month to month. If you have a lease, you usually have to fulfill the lease term.

However, if conditions have changed and the person is no longer safe to remain in the current situation then the lease can be broken. The facility is required to make every effort to rent the room out before they can come after you for the remainder of the lease. It is called mitigating their loss and they have to do that. They can not charge you for the remainder of the lease if they don't make this effort. They also can't charge you when they fill the space, no double dipping.

More then you asked I know.
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Ask the administrator of the organization. Is there a reason why you are asking this question that you would like to discuss?
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It is written in the contract, and may vary. So, check the contract.

If you are shopping, ask the sales or rental agent.
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