I just discovered my MIL has 2 credit cards. She has been in a nursing home for over a year with Alzheimer's. My FIL has a POA for her. My husband has a POA for my FIL.

I want to close these two credit cards. I expect I will have the same run around I get with SS and Medicare.

What is the best way to close these accounts?


Only your FIL can do it. The CC company will probably require a copy of his POA. Are there balances. They may not allow the accounts to be closed until balance is paid off. Till then, they can be frozen.

Sorry if you felt you were getting the run around concerning your first question. We are all lay people here. Our answers are from experience. When it comes to Medicare there are penalties if you don't sign up in a certain period of time. Each person's situation is different.
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utahpilot2 Oct 25, 2018
Oh, I am sorry I gave the impression I felt this site was giving me the run around. I ❤ this site. It is the government offices that are making my head spin.
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