100 pound body weight would be better.

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Protein shakes was recommended by my mother's nutritionist. My mother lost some weight on a pureed diet and lost about ten pounds, nutritionist recommended protein shakes Cabot Whey Powder, I mix it in her Cream of Wheat, add banana, milk and blend in the morning, and she loves it. She also recommended 70 gm of protein per day, I puree fish and salmon, mashed potatoes and a vegetable. I give my mom regular puddings with whip cream, little cheese cakes with pureed strawberries. I add the protein powder to her smoothies. She regained most of the weight she lost. Is it possible to consult with a nutritionist, via telephone or a telehealth call? I found the consult to be a tremendous help. Got lots of ideas, and recipes. Worth checking it out. You will need a doctors order so her insurance pays for the consult.
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AlvaDeer Aug 7, 2020
Just a few elders with kidney issues are not advised to up protein. So just hope that if it is available the OP can get a nutrition consult. If there are no major medical issues, however, I think the protein powder would be great and easy!
Take heart. I believe that the author Joan Didion has weighed 75 for more than a decade and is moving into her late 80s. She relates in a film her nephew did about her that the neighbors call him complaining about her weight all the time, and she has never weighed a whole lot more than she does now.
Ask your wife's doctor to order a nutrition consult, give him the weight and tell him of your worries. Then, with the doctors records, and knowing the patient, you can try to help this a bit. My partner has decades of GERD and honestly has come to dislike food in general. He is quite thing. I look at him and think "Well, 80 and pretty spry so you must be doing something right!"
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