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Ron1john, as JoAnn had mentioned we all are from all over the county. Costs vary from area to area.

Example, Independent Living in my area averages $5k-6k per month for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. My Dad lived in such a place which included weekly housekeeping, weekly linen service, and one meal in the community restaurant.

There were also options, such as my Dad needed the MedTech service for his twice a day meds and that was another $1k per month. Dad also had a life-alert pendent which was an one time charge. Dad also paid for electricity and phone service.

Thus, when you visit the different places in your area, make note of what is included and what is extra cost. That way if you find a place that is $4k per month, it could mean housekeeping is an extra charge, so is linen service, and so are the meals.

Also see how the floorplan of the facility itself. Does it feel comfy and cozy. Dad's place was like a Victorian hotel, beautiful curved staircase [mainly for show, the residents used the elevator]... the community dining room was set up like an upscale restaurant with table cloths, and menus. The lobby was like that of a hotel. Rocking chairs on the numerous front porches, and a sunny glassed sun-room.
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We r from all over the country. We share caregiving experiences. You need to call around your area and compare prices.

There are usually 2 parts of the cost.

Room and board, meals are including in this. This price should be good for a year. Some places may have sales trying to get rooms filled.

Care, this could fluctuate. A care eval was done every 3 months at Moms AL. A determination will be made to see if there has been a decline and needs more care. More care, more money.
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