I had a counselor tell me that I can expect to experience situational depression until my mother dies.

Almost all the time I have no energy.

Sometimes I get a sadness that is settled in my chest. I guess that's what they mean by a heavy heart.

At times I can hardly move it gets so bad.

Everything looks gray and uninteresting. I'm not motivated to do anything. Daily chores are robotic.

Then the symptoms will go away for several days. If I have a good sleep the symptoms retreat and I feel much better.

I am taking Lexapro but it does not do anything for these occasional bouts of depression with "physical" symptoms.

I sometimes run with my dog although not very far as we both get worn out. He is older too. That helps for a while.

Does anyone else have similar experiences? How do you treat the symptoms.?

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Lol great reply, I too have found myself with this. Thinking mabe im developing problems. My biggest tip off, is finding myself spending hrs. Not a few min but hrs. Trying to get a nap in during the day. Everything going to hell in a handbasket and im laying in bed all day playing with internet trying to get a nap. And I feel worse. Then I can't sleep at night. Stay awake till 2 a.m. reading, thinking,day dreaming. I also have strange pains, pressure in my chest,headache. I found the lack of d vitamin very interesting. I took stress tabs recomended by a dr. When I was younger going through a divorce. Maybe I should try that again. I also have stomach symptoms. I wonder if that is from stress too. Anyways the vitamins I took was labeled stress tabs and sold at wal mart. Just know your not alone. Along with depression comes anxiety and that only exaberates pains. Hang in there. I don't know how long our situations will last but I pray you get strength to carry through:)
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Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. Did I mention YES?

I have felt many, if not all, of the same things you indicate in your post in the same week, if not the same day.

I did visit my doctor (sobbing). I ached all over, I was sad and depressed, I was robotic and didn't get much pleasure from anything. After bloodwork they found a very low Vitamin D level. I was sceptical that a vitamin could wreak so much havoc but went on supplements.

Not everyone is in the same place but this one thing has helped ease my mood and helped with my body aches and pains. It took away a bad focus and I've been able to replace it with good focus. I plan to get more sun exposure this year so that my body will naturally make this vitamin.

Since that doctor visit I replaced milk with soy and that has also made a huge difference for me. It is vitamin packed and soy is good for helping to ease some of my female hormonal challenges. Nothing like a good hot flash to improve the mood while trying to keep someone from falling on the floor. Indirectly I found that I was lactose intolerant, so another problem I was having has been eased.

I applaud your runs with the dog. If it helps keep doing it. Exercise is a challenge for me to do regularly. I generally go out like a weekend warrior--and then spend the next month licking my wounds. I should start gradually, but I never learn.

Remember to love yourself while you are loving your elderly. In the event of airline disaster, the steward always says..."Place the oxygen mask on YOUR OWN face before trying to help another passenger." A dry well will satisfy no one's thirst.

The last thing...your life has been completely changed. Somedays it feels like you will never be able to balance your needs with your elderly's routine. Some people are fine with this, some need to vent. They need to express frustration. Not to the person that they are caring for...but to others who understand that not everyday is a picnic in a grassy meadow.

Sometimes your picnic blanket is covered with ants, a grizzly bear is rocking your car for gummy bears, and grandma wants to pet a racoon.

Laugh at life if you is the best medicine.
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