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I agree. My husband is 350lbs. and immobile. At the beginning of the year, from lack of changing positions and soiling himself and not telling me, he had horrific sores on his backside and thighs. I finally had it and called 911 in February. I played it off as if he’d had sudden paralysis and convinced the fire medics to transport him to the hospital. With constant care and people to help with bathing him and moving him, his skin cleared up. Litigation was the least of my worries and no one in any of the three facilities he was at even mentioned calling Adult Protective Services on me. If your dad is refusing to bathe and you are concerned about “getting into trouble”by getting him medical help, he may need help beyond hygiene.
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There are a lot of issues that come into play in this situation. Are you your father's sole caregiver? Do you live together? How long ago did you discover the sores? Are they pressure ulcers? Has he been treated with anything? Have you seen a doctor about them?

You're likely to be asked these questions, but concern about legal responsibility should be subordinate to getting treatment for your father.

If he's ultra thin, he could be getting sores just from chafing while he's sitting. Does he take sponge baths, or bathe with no rinse products? They'll help keep him clean.

I can't speak specifically to how any ER staff would react, but I would be prepared to address what care you're able to provide going forward, and feel free to ask advice and for a script for home care to demonstrate your concern.

If your father's uncooperative, you can raise that issue, but be prepared for recommendations that you place him in some facility where his care can be managed by medical staff.

If he does have pressure ulcers, ask what the stage is. It will provide insight into how serious they are.
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