Under "Medicaid Protections for the Healthy Spouse" (google it) this appears . .

Some states, however, are more generous toward the community spouse. In these states, the community spouse may keep up to $123,600 (in 2018), regardless of whether or not this represents half the couple's assets. For example, if the couple had $100,000 in countable assets on the "snapshot" date, the community spouse could keep the entire amount, instead of being limited to half.

After a half dozen phone calls and hours of searching I have yet to come up with an answer to the question. Does this apply to the state of Indiana?

Also you want as a C.S. (community spouse) to try to get CSRA / MMNA. Community spouse resource allowance/ monthly maintenance needs allowance. Think of these as kinda like old school alimony paid to you as the C.S. from your now in a NH spouse’s monthly income.

Realize that his monthly income (like his SS) must be paid to the NH as the Medicaid required copay or his SOC (share of cost). All he will get is a small pNA (personal needs allowance) that ranges by state from $35 to $115. All the rest has to go to the facility. But if you need some of his income to enable you to stay living in the community you can get it to be waiver to go instead into your CSRA or MMNA.

Really the issues for C.S. & NH spouses situation are complicated.
Personally I don’t think it’s a DIY project, your focus is on your spouse, he’s not competent to help you, your overwhelmed. Really for a CS IMHO your best served by meeting with a elder law atty & one that is NAELA or CELA level atty. There’s all sorts of issues for couples that you’ve probably never thought about that never ever pose problems for a widower or widow Medicaid application but do for CS/NH situation. You are NOT yourself required to become impoverished for him to qualify for LTC Medicaid but how to do that & do it properly ahead of Medicaid application is not a DIY.

Like for example, most couples have each other as thier beneficary for their term life insurance policies. It’s standard to do. Bad idea for you all, cause say if you get hit by a bus & die that insurance $ will make hubs ineligible for Medicaid and who is going to be there to deal with this for him. Your dead. The atty may suggest a better way to deal with beneficiary $ that works for Medicaid compliance. Really find a NAELA or CELA level atty and schedule an appointment with them BEFORE ever filing a Medicaid application and having the snapshot day afixxed. Good luck.
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Contact an elder law attorney. Protecting the financial status of a community spouse is not a do it yourself project.
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