Had to leave full time job to care for dad full time, he wont accept a stranger. I dont know how much caregivers make but I left a job that paid 30.00 hourly. This has been for the last 5/6 months. Before that I took care of dad and mom with necessary stuff. Now my brother is saying I'm stealing the money because I'm not working but yet has not offered up any thing not even a little break from time to time just shows up for money. Dad is in the later phase of dem/Alz.

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Do you have POA?

I would ask brother how does he think your going to live without using Dad's money since you quit your job to care for him.

Wish you had posted before you made the decision to care for Dad. Any stage of Dementia/ALZ is hard to deal with but the last stage is the hardest with incontinence and needed to do just about everything for them. Most of us would have suggested Longterm care. You gave up a well paying job and it may be hard getting it back. Then throw in brother being an ass.
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Agree with get elder care attorney.  Your brother is an ass, accept it and get legal help
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You need an elder law attorney to draft an agreement. If dad is not competent he cannot sign the agreement. Attorney will have thoughts for you.

Who is dad's POA?

Call Area Agency on Aging for an assessment of dad's care needs. You will need it.

And absolutely, no rent payment from you to dad. You need to be there to provide care. In this area an agency would be paid in the area of 12k a month for live in care without rent considerations.
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Sign an agreement as to what you can do, can not do.
Set hours. No one can work 24/7/365.
Wages typically depend on what type of care is given. A caregiver that may do some light housework, and some personal care would not get the same pay that a caregiver would get if they are a Certified CNA. Wages also depend on where you live. Google hourly wages in your area or for a better take on it call an agency and just ask a few questions like "how much would a CNA cost to come in 5 days a week for 6 hours?" "How much would a companion cost for 5 days a week for 6 hours?" you can then take that and come to a happy medium on how much it would cost.
And are you living with dad or is he living with you?
If you are living with dad and have no household expenses you my have to pay him rent.
If he is living with you then you can also charge him rent as well as a portion of utilities. (Take all expenses and divide by the number of adults living in the house)
And any modifications that need to be done because of him he should pay for. (ramps, grab bars)
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