I have been checking about Medicaid availability for my wife (Alzheimers 10 years). From what I understand she would have to be in a memory care unit for 2 years before she would become eligible and they decide if she is eligible. It sounds like it may be good but I think that there could be abusives in its application. Anyone familiar with that or with a 2 year look-back in California.

Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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From what I read, Innovage is for in home care. Trying to keep a person in their home.

Here were I live we really don't have MCs. We have an AL that has a section for ALZ/Dementia residents separate from the general population. They r both private pay. Medicaid may take over after you have private paid for at least 2 years. This may be the information you received.

You may need to sit down with a Medicaid caseworker. Everyones situation is different. If you ever feel wife needs more care than you can give, you can become a Community spouse which means assets will be split, spending down her part to get Medicaid. Leaving u with the ability to pay your bills. U will be able to stay in the home and have a car. Medicaid is federally funded but each state handles it own program.
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I found this on the internet,
did not have a chance to read it but try this website...
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