We live in an Independent Living facility that promised housekeeping when we signed the rental agreement. Over the past 2 years, that has changed to light housekeeping and now to even less cleaning. We moved here because we are unable to do housework due to back pain and arthritis, OA and RA. Also we were promised 3 chef prepared meals daily. In the past 6 months, the meals have become heavy on starch, salt and gravy or cream based sauces. When the prices of fruit were high during the winter, we had very little fruit available. Not at all good for a senior's diet. Who can we report this. We have tried working with management with no luck. From the outside it appears to be wonderful facility but once you get in you begin to see the blemishes.

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Light housekeeping is usually once a week. My mom is a diabetic and lived in independent living. The staff knew she was a diabetic and offered her the sugar free desserts, but she would make her own food choices and with memory issues they were not always proper. She is now in AL but legally she is allowed to still make her own choices.
Her IL place has also made reductions in services that you describe. It may be time to shop around again. Yes I know that there are added fees with a move. ILs have no reporting structure with the state on the same levels of nursing homes. As far as fresh fruit, if this was your only complaint, you could bring some to her. I would also recommend you generating some online ratings about the facility.
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Maybe if you brought some brochures of other AL facilities to the management, saying you'd hate to move on account of the breach of housekeeping services and the food, they might get the hint. Or maybe they don't care if you would leave and they'd call your bluff.

You could start a petition among the residents to see if management can step up and provide the services they offered.

Usually there is an ombudsman you can contact about problems with the facility.

You can go above the local management and complain to the corporation that owns the facility.

It all depends on how badly you want to stay there.
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Thanks. They claim to do that here but in reality the meals that are prepared are not suitable for the many diabetics, glucose intolerant or arthritics living here.
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Wilma, back when my Dad was in Independent Living, the facility he was in the light housekeeping was once a week vacuuming, cleaning the shower and bathroom, tidying up the kitchen, and dusting of the top of dressers and tables.

Dad also had a weekly linen service which meant his bedding and towels would be washed, and new sheets put on the bed. Clean towels Dad had to put out. Dad had a paid option of the Staff doing his personal laundry.

For meals, the rent included only one meal per day, either lunch or dinner, from the menu in the main dining room. Since everyone had a full kitchen, they did their own breakfast and lunch or dinner. There was a paid option to have 3 meals per day in the main dining room. Dad had no complaints about the meals.

The complex was good about "special meals" such as my Dad could not do dairy products. So I would bring in Lactaid milk and Lactaid ice cream which the kitchen kept just for my Dad's use. And since my Dad had a full kitchen in his apartment, I used an on-line grocery service. That way Dad got items for breakfast and lunch for the week.

The complex also had one day a week bus service for the residents who wanted to go the local grocery store. There was also bus service to Walmart once a week, another day the Dollar Store, etc.

My Dad was paying around $5k per month. He got a good discount because he was moving in the middle of winter and the complex was trying to fill this one apartment which wasn't easy to do when it is snowing :)
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