Mom has moved in with me and I understand many of you get paid for your caring services. Ma kicks in $200 a month for "room and board". I drive her to all her appts. I manage all her health care and finances. I monitor her daily hygiene and medications etc. I hear many on this forum being paid for such responsibilities. What would be a going rate for the New England area?

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I live with my husband as well. Sometimes he takes her to get her blood draw as I am already at work that early. Is it unusual to pay him for his help? How do you handle gas/mileage?
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If your mother can afford it, she can pay you.... you will need to draw up a contract stating what work you will be doing, how many hours per day, if you get any days off or sick days, etc. You will be responsible for paying your own payroll taxes, such as quarterly estimated income taxes.
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Minimum wage for all hours worked, unless you are an RN or other professional. Look up Domestic Workers Bill of Rights for your particular state. Your other option is a 50/50 split on rent, utilities and food in a written agreement. (I assume it's just you and her). Be sure you agree in writing.
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