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Retirement is no joke, there are many adjustments that are nessasary to learn to get along. I can definitely see where many get divorced at this stage of life.

Now try retiring at the Same time, and while caring for your parents at the same time, even more precarious! There should be classes for retirees to learn how to do it carefully, ie: financials and investments, exercise and health care management, outside interests, household management! It's definitely an adjustment!

We've been at it for several years now and it's still stressful! My husband is a talker and I've learned to tune him out To A Point! There are times that I have to tell him to go and find something to do, you are driving me crazy!
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Many years ago I read that a study found the divorce rate spikes round retirement age, when people have to spend the entire day with each other. I work with my husband so during retirement I'm looking forward to spending less time with him -- just kidding ;-)
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Google says: it's divorce between older folks (think grey hair . . . lol) often after many years of marriage.

I know a couple who almost did this - they had been married over 50 years. Funny (sort of) thing was, the first reaction was "Why now? You've been married all these years!" and I heard that the DH's response was along the lines of "We've been married all these years, I have so few left, it's now or never" (seems he was the unhappy one pushing the divorce.)

In the end they stayed together, more for financial reasons and saving face, than anything else :(
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I *think* it's a divorce that happens to couples in later life, perhaps, whose paths have diverged over the years and who decide they've no more time to waste and it's never too late to move on, even though their children might have been about to club together to buy them a gold-plated loving cup for their 50th wedding anniversary.
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