My parents live with me. They have lamps on 24/7. My electric bill is sky high. What type of light can I use in their room that emits good light, is safe, and is energy efficient?

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You could try switching the bulbs to CFL's or LED's too.
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cwillie Dec 3, 2018
oops, I see OldSailor already said that.
We have battery operated motion lights in bed room, living room, and bathroom. I changed the night lights incandescent bulbs to LED (been burning for about three years now) We have two ceiling lights that have been changed to LEDs (have been on continuously for over three years now) and will change others as the compact fluorescents burn out.
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I use clear Christmas lights for my Moms room, she always has to have some light. Maybe try that? They seem to work perfect for our need.
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