They are losing some abilities to do things and have some health issues.

I have posted questions in the past. Instead of help, I receive your not like us, you should move out, these are cruel statements. I am a stand by provider.

My parent's health is showing it's age.

My mom is back on her feet (after a fall that took almost 3 months to recover from pain from) and hopefully no more falls in her future. She had cancer in her neck, a good surgeon was able to remove (no Kemp, have to monitor blood tests) She works part-time and needs naps. She can't do a lot of things she did before, arthritis is setting in. She still drives and does some of the household chores. She still goes shopping for the home.

My dad has accepted he is getting old. He tries to work like he did when he was younger, he finds flexibility issues. He shows signs of Alzheimer's, but for now it's not bad. (He lost 4 siblings to the disease, His mind is still sharp.) He has skin cancer patches and has allergies and reactions to various medications, that we have to watch out for. He has thin skin that easily gets cut and becomes slow to heal. He has also arthritis. They for now, are independent people, but someday that will change. They clearly told me they do not want to be put in a nursing home. They want me to care for them. They make their own doctor appointments and fill me in on meds or how the appointment went.

I am the youngest child (have an older brother and lost my sister (at age 8, to brain cancer)

I live at home (my parent's home, for now, dad wants to leave house to me) I am single. I own a family daycare, that I run from home. I am in my 40's. I am trained in first aid and CPR. I clean the house, I do most of the laundry, cook most of the meals. My older brother shows no interest in his parents, or my parent's home. I have a God sister (my cousin) she is more like a sister. She is my backup person if something comes up and I have children to care for.

snuggy, this is just my opinion as my sig other and I are around the same age as your parents. I really believe if your parents were on their own, they would develop more independence and not feel like they are aging.

In a way, your parents are NOT independent as you do their laundry, do their cooking, and do the house keeping. Glad that your Mom still works part-time, as working gives one a reason to get out of bed. I enjoy my job so much, that I would work for free, don't tell my boss that.

My parents were in their mid-to-late 90's, now that is elderly in my book. My Mom had the same issues as your Mom, and my Dad had the same issues as your Dad even the same cancer skin patches. My parents use to walk 2 miles each day for the previous 20 years before they passed, come rain or shine. I think that was their secret for living on their own until they got into their later 90's.

I realize everyone ages at their own pace, and some start feeling much older if those around them act like my gosh they are in their 70's, how can they survive.

Your parents could easily live until their 90's and beyond. And if they do need Assisted Living or need to go onto Medicaid [which is different than Medicare] to help pay for skilled nursing home care, Medicaid can put a lien on your parent's house to be reimbursed for their care. Time to come up with a 5-years plan, and even a 10-year and think of all the different scenarios that could happen.

Make sure your parents have updated their Wills as State Laws do change over time. Also that the Power of Attorneys are current, with whomever they want as their Power of Attorney and a back-up name. Let's let forget about a Medical Directive, which I found so very important as my parents were starting to fail.
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