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What does your mother want? How competent is she?

Is "back home" to her house or to yours?

Who has healthcare POA (aka medical proxy)? This is sometimes set in the Advanced Healthcare Directive.

As the others have said, more background information is needed here. This sounds like a very serious family issue, and many of us would be glad to offer suggestions, so I hope you will explain the situation a little more thoroughly.
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You don't have POA "over" your mother.

Your mother presumably appointed you, as Power of Attorney, to conduct her business affairs if she was not available and/or competent.

POA does NOT allow you to determine where she lives.

Who has Health Care Proxy, or Medical POA? In some situations, THAT document is the one that can be used to determine where a person lives, if they are no longer competent.

So: is your mother incompetent? Has that been determined by doctors? In a court of law?

What does your POA document entitle you to do?

When you speak to your sister, what does she say about mom returning to you? Does your MOTHER want to come back to your home?

If you feel that your sister is holding your mother against her will, are you willing to get Adult Protective Services involved?

Does your mother agree with whomever is in the room with her?

I agree, more information will get you better answers, rather than speculation.
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We need more information about your situation before we can offer appropriate suggestions.
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