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Your mother does not live on air.
Unless your mom has a huge investment portfolio or huge savings to draw from she is most likely to be living on a monthly Social security income of $1,200 & has a modest savings of 30-60K. That’s what the avg American in their later years has; yeah it’s not pretty.

What exactly is her income & existing savings / investments right now?

For you to be accusing Sis of bad actions with moms $ you HAVE TO know at a minimum what moms was like financially past couple of years then deduct what could be viewed as reasonable cost of living for her situation past couple of years. What is the gap? Is it reasonable?

If she is in a facility - IL, AL, MC, NH - all have monthly costs. It’s not unusual for private pay in AL to be 5K a mo and for a NH to be double that 10K or more, like 15K. She’s in a NH right? Could Sissy be paying the bill but routing $ from moms bank account to hers so between moms $ and Sissy’s $ any shortfall is being paid?

If your mom is at all on any type of Medicaid program, like LTC in a facility, or was on a community based program before entering a NH, like had inhome health, mom has to be low income and she/Sissy provided hefty amount of documentation to get eligible. Could be past 5 years of financials. If on Medicaid, mom is basically impoverished AND has no $ left AND likely has a required copay. Medicaid is pretty rigorous as to ferreting out $ & asset transfer, so if moms on Medicaid then Sis did not do any shenanigans with moms $. There would have been a spend down done so mom could be eligible.

if mom did loan Sissy $, she can do that. A parent can loan or gift $ or assets if they want to. But the parents needs to be competent and cognitive to do this and do it themselves. So a POA cannot loan themselves $ from the parents bank account and sign off on the paperwork. If this is what’s happening, you need to get an attorney to do a filing for your to become guardian and get a forensics accounting on moms finances.

Your screen name is “risenheir”, if your post is really about inheritance $, please realize getting old and paying for care is horrendous expensive, there may be no money really left.
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More info would be helpful... see questions from Freqflyer. We can't give you any actionable guidance if we don't have accurate answers to basic questions. Thanks.
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risenheir, is your sister your Mother's Power of Attorney? I see from your profile that your Mother lives in a Nursing Home, and was wondering if the POA was paying from your Mom's Account for your Mom's monthly rent, which can be very expensive.

If the answers are yes to the above, what you think may be loans could be the cost of the nursing home care. My Mom was paying $12k per month back five years ago.
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