In my state, Medicare supplemental insurace will pay for transportation to an from 35 dr appointments a year but they need 24 hour notice.
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I don't think Medicare pays for transportation to a Drs. Office. If you are talking regular doctor visits. A private transport because the person can't ride in a car or on a bus because they are bedbound maybe different. This type of transportation is done by private agencies and you should be able to find them online or in the yellow pages. Ask if Medicare covers their service.

If the person is able to walk or in a wheelchair, then your local Office of Aging maybe able to help. Ours has a bus. Nj also has a service called "Access" run by NJ Transit. Our ARC (work shelter for disabled) has a service they use.

Here is what I found

"Medicare generally does not cover transportation to get routine health care. However, it may cover non-emergency ambulance transportation to and from a health-care provider if you need to have a health condition diagnosed or treated and other forms of transportation could endanger your health."

I would think you would need an order from a doctor for the non-emergency transport.
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Contact your local public transit. They may have a service. Mine has door to door transport for the elderly for the same price as a regular bus ticket. You just have to schedule it in advance.
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These sort of services are generally provided on a local or regional basis. One way to find an answer for your community to is ask the receptionist at the doctor's office.

When I was a medical receptionist, I knew all the transportation services and had listings of names and numbers to call.

Here there is an organization that drives people to the cancer clinic, another Catholic one that takes parishioners to appointments. Local transit has Handi Dart a reservable bus service.
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