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Glad you have planned. Sounds about like us. Save and invest.
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Wally, ah yes, the best secret to financial net worth is to live below your means, if at all possible. My parents did that, too.

There is a book called "The Millionaire Next Door" which I found to be a good blue print. Such as instead of purchasing a brand new car, buy one that is 2 years old just off of a lease. I got my vehicle that way, it still had that new car smell and was in excellent condition. Still driving that vehicle daily 20 years later :)

So, I am hoping I am ready. Keeping fingers cross nothing happens to me tomorrow but a decade or more later.
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After witnessing a grueling situation for my BILs parents bouncing from rehab, AL, NH and worrying who will pay for what, immediately DH, SIL,BIL and myself purchased long term care insurance. It may not pay for 100% of our needs but will pay for a lot. We built a house that’s basically one floor accessible living for us, but has an in law suite that could house a caregiver if needed. I will be happier when the mortgage is paid off in a couple of years. We’ve invested well and I think we’ve prepared...we will find out.
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w/o going into too much. I think the thing that has helped the most (to save)has been to not live within our means, but way below our means.

not every one can do that due to unforeseen circumstances... 

personally I feel uncomfortable when I overspend. it makes me anxious big time and I feel more comfortable when I am frugal and save. Ive been like that my whole adult life.
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Adequate, maybe not but maybe more than some. We cashed in bonds that were over 30 yrs old. The interest alone was 50k. We invested that. Switched our IRAs and have an annuity. DH inherited about 60k we invested that. A former employer made me cash in my retirement. Invested that. We invested conservatively but seem to be getting a decent return. We have our wills in place. Keep our house up. Only thing we haven't done is our POAs. Rich, no but I think more ready than some.
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