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lesliedesimone: The patient applies for Medicaid.
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You get to go on public tax payer funded care
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Contact medi-caid, medi-care, medi-cal. ... All of them.
yes, do ask facility personnel. They should be able to help research / guide you. Some employees 'just' do this so they know the ropes.
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can also be assessed for palliative care or hospice care. Does not mean end of life but they may be able to give sister some assistance in certain areas.
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You try to see if you can apply for a program for home care.
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The patient applies for Medicaid in their state.
Dependent on whether the current facility accepts Medicaid patients, the person may or may not be required to move.
Check with your facility administration.
They can help to provide you guidance.
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cover9339 Feb 16, 2024
Which would suck, especially if the elder has become used to the "goings on" in the facility they're in.
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