Does Medicaid take that?

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No, its an asset of her estate. If you are referring to the personal needs trust account that was the $ left over from her monthly co-pay to the NH, it should be sent by check to whomever the facility has on file as her responsible family member or did moms admissions contract.

I've been through this both with late mil & my mom. Both done differently too for 2 different NH in the same state too.....For mil, it was almost 2 years before BIL got the check (SIL sent letters requesting it too) mainly due to mil application for medicaid was pending at time of death. But IMHO this nh did a lot of foot dragging on paying just as they did on submitting her Medicaid application.

For my mom, her NH sent a check written in my name at month 4 after moms death but with "estate of" on memo line on check. Technically it is an asset of the estate (as per my probate atty) & I put it into the account mom & I had (its a POD account but I'm keeping it open till probate all done). My moms NH account was all clear with no outstanding balances. If your late moms account is zero balance, then you or whomever did the admissions paperwork should get the check.

My moms nh sent every 90 days a trust account statement. So if yours did this, then whomever got these statements probably got sent the check.
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