She continues to have yearly income that can pay for rent, supplies but less than 1/2 the much needed 1 on 1 caregiving? (She has LTC for that amount) Is there anything I can do to keep her in her home? I moved her to a less expensive apt but the 1 on 1 care saves her from suffering, and allows me to still have a life. She could still outlast her retirement. But may have too much income for special aide and not enough to keep her comfortable. She’s been a trooper so far with this horrid condition. G tube for 5 years! Terrible muscle spasms and cramping that is only relieved by almost constant massage. Can't move, can't speak. A SNF would be torture I’m afraid. I do all I can, but fear for her future. People are leaning on me to put her in SNF now.

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