I understand they'll take their SS checks so how do I pay Medicare supplement insurances and part D prescription insurances? What about their cell phone bill? I can't pay them out of my own pocket... Help!

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We are just starting to deal with all of this as well, but once on Medicaid you will no longer need a Medicare Supplemental Plan, that would be cancelled. They will be on Medicare/Medicaid, however, I think there may be a need to check into a plan that will cover Prescription Part D. I saw an advertisement from United Health Care for a “Dual Complete Plan” that said it was for people on Medicare/Medicaid to cover their prescription Part D. Worth a call to them to see exactly what this plan covers that Medicare/Medicaid does not. Their phone number is 866-538-4402.
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I posted these websites on your other post about getting a guardianship for your Mom. Have you talked to anyone from the South Dakota Department of Human Services or just the hospital Social Services person where your Dad is hospitalized?

I think that you need to talk with one of South Dakota's "Long Term Services and Supports Specialists" about your situation because it is so complicated.

Website for “Long Term Services and Supports”: {If you click on “Long Term Services and Supports Field Offices”, you can download a Word Document that list the addresses of the Long Term Services and Supports Specialists (who provide information and referral services, assistance to access in-home and community-based services, needs assessments, ongoing case management, care plan development and adult protective services to individuals living in South Dakota communities).}

I also think that you need some legal assistance and the website about Legal Services for Older Individuals may be a good one for you to contact:
{Long Term Services and Supports contracts with two legal service programs, East River Legal Services and Dakota Plains Legal Services, to provide legal assistance to eligible individuals. Each legal service program has its own policy regarding the types of cases accepted.}

The South Dakota Judicial Unified System website for Guardianship and Conservatorship Forms:

You have a lot of legal questions and I think that you need to talk to someone who knows what the laws are in South Dakota. Good Luck.
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They will leave a small amount of money for personal expenses. I suggest you try to oversee how this is spent. Regarding the cell phone, you should look at what money there is and decide on priorities. The phone may be unaffordable. Look into a prepaid phone (try Walmart). You are not expected to pay for anything, but you can if you want to.
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You are not expected to pay them out of your own pocket. Medicaid takes care of the medical expenses, such as the insurances needed. If they can pay for their cell phone out of their personal allowance, fine. If not, then they don't have a phone. If they have bills such a credit card debt, they default on those.
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They will be able to keep a small stipend for personal expenses each month. The amount depends on what state they are in. Check Medicaid's website.
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Either you or someone else pays the bills or they'll cancel them. Like you mentioned, the SS checks will be used for their care, leaving nothing to pay other bills.
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