My husband took apart and damaged his shaver. I always found it hard to use, looking for suggestions people have been happy with.

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My dad had always shaved with razor and foam but his nursing home said he couldn’t do it any longer and he fought with them trying shave him so maybe I should try an electric razor for him

I bought a Braun rechargeable with a removable head assembly that was easy to rinse after use. I also used a separate rechargeable beard trimmer I had laying around for trimming his hair and neck.

Dad had dementia but still thought he was just fine so I’d let him get started with shaving, he’d mess around for a minute or two then I’d say he’d missed a place or two and he’d let me finish the job nicely.

I don’t remember the model number but it was about $40. I googled ELECTRIC RAZORS FOR ELDERLY. You’ll find lots of info there.
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When you do find one you want when you use it try turning it backwards in your hand. Since most people using it are shaving towards themselves the blades are angled that way. If you are shaving someone and are holding it like you normally would the blades are angled opposite of what you are cutting.
A few years ago Gillette came out with a razor specifically designed for a caregiver to shave someone it is the Gillette Treo. I read reviews and they all sound great. It is NOT an electric razor though.
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Countrymouse Mar 28, 2021
Yes, or sit the person in a chair and stand behind him.

Thank you for the Gillette tip :)
The only electric I've ever used is Philips Norelco. Most others cut by vibrating a sharp foil. Norelco's use three spinning blades. Very nice shave.
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