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purvishyatt, is it "assisted living" or "nursing home", some times those terms get interchanged even though they are totally different in scope.

As for what your Mom needs to do for herself at Assisted Living depends on the facility. My Dad was in Assisted Living/Memory Care [nationwide chain] and he needed help with showering, dressing, and assistance with walking if he wasn't using his walker. I had noticed all different degrees of care in Dad's memory care floor, including residents who were bedridden and on Hospice.

Thus, you would need to ask the Assisted Living facility what is expected of Mom.
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That’s the beauty of AL, as the patient’s needs change the personnel observe and help with their needs. Many facilities allow a resident to stay in one room until hospice is needed. (Possibly years later).
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Have you searched for assisted living facilities on Google or Yahoo--there are lots of information about assisted living facilities listed on their searches. Here are some article from this website about assisted Living (AL) facilities and a couple of postings/questions about ALs.
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