She's not interested in anything. Not even the game show channel she so loved to watch. She stopped talking and if she does its extremely minimal and you can barely hear her. What goes on in her mind? What does she think about? Does she think about anything at all? Her health over-all is good. But with her age... she is declining. She eats all 3 meals but she has no interaction with anyone. She sleeps more than anything. My heart breaks because I dont know what she is thinking/feeling. I'm just so sad and I don't know what to do ... feel ... say ... think.

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My mom is the same -she is in assisted living which I thought could help her engage with people but she sleeps on the couches -it's very sad to have lost quality of life. My moms hearing is basically gone -but she didn't want to interact w people before that. My mom has dementia and its very sad to visit her -I live five hours away and when I visit I just feel guilt and awful that she is just existing now
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My Mom does alot of that . ( but shes 96) I think it began when she started having significant hearing loss. At least that's my theory. She goes into what i call " Mom Land" mentally. Id check out her hearing and vision ..if you havent already. My Mom missing feeling useful too . So we bring the laundry to her to help fold and have her do small things , as much as possible. She like music , alot .. You might try that . Though with her hearing loss ..(even with hearing aids ) its hit or miss. I bought all these older songs l thought shed like . cole porter etc. Turns out she liked my Santana lol . Who knew
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