Just to give you l little idea, but you need to see a lawyer.

DPOA, is responsible to take care of finances and medical decissions for
someone who has been found incompetent. In no way is the POA
allowed to use the finances for personal gain. Their responsibility
stops at the time the person who assigned the POA dies.

Will, The Executor now takes over. They go to probate and get a Short
Certificate so they can handle the desease's final finances and
Carry out the Wills provisions. They are allowed a % of the
for doing this.

Trusts These I don't understand but pretty sure provisions have been
Made and trustees stated.
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Feeling, you just put out 3 questions on the same subject with no backstory. The readers may see all 3 and stop responding. It sounds like a partner is not legally using funds for the intended person. Run rather than waiting for our responses and seek legal help in the state where this is happening before the money is not recoverable. We can give you some advice but we are a group of caregivers. There is a linksomewhere on one of the pages that will take you to a list of professional in your area.
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