I go to her apartment to help her (she's a hoarder), when I try to keep all in order, she yells at me to get out, and hits me. If she starts hoarding again, she will get evicted. No help from other 2 siblings; they don't want to deal with her drama. Please give advice.

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I would absolutely call APS. She needs a geriatric psychiatrist to evaluate her. Her evaluation will most likely come back that she can no longer live alone. Hoarders, suffering from dementia or not, do not like to have their things touched, even if it’s a rotten piece of food. However, her home is most likely dangerous for her and a health risk for her neighbors.

Where will she go if she is evicted? Sounds like a real possibility. Do you want to take her into your home knowing the risks? She will hoard and become combative in your home too.

You need help. Go to her doctor and anyone else associated with her and ask. Call APS, your local Area Agency on Aging or Health and Human Services. Every state has programs for the elderly. If you call them and keep after them, you’ll find help.
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She probably should not be living alone. You can call APS for lack of self care.

I don't think anyone should tolerate physical violence. It crosses lines and proves her executive function is not there.

Before she hurts you or someone else she needs intervention.
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She has Dementia. They don't like change but the hitting isn't good. Talk to her doctor.
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