If the state is guardian over a person, are they really looking out for their best interest?

Do they keep family informed?

What do you know about it?

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The guardian answers to the State. They must show they see the person, that the person gets medical care and proof of finances. Hard to get away with anything. I see no reason u wouldn't be allowed to visit unless u cause problems. Like said, you will have no say in his care.
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Thank you for the responses.
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My step FIL became a ward of the county because he had Parkinsons, kept falling, having LBD hallucinations threatened to kill people and refused to assign anyone PoA or apply for Medicaid. So we removed MIL from the home (she had her own problems) and reported him as a vulnerable adult. They initially placed him in a facility 1-hr away but we complained because MIL wanted to go visit him and we needed him to be closer, and they complied, but it was a crummy place. We had no access to any of his banking, finances, etc. which makes sense. The guardian asked us his preferences for food, music, entertainment. But no one is visiting him like family does. He was on Medicaid and when he passed he was cremated even though he had a paid family plot (but it was 4 hours away). They called and asked where to send the ashes. A little while after his passing the guardian sent MIL an itemized accounting of what his expenses were and how they spent his monthly SS. Lutheran Social Services was the guardian.
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The Fiduciaries appointed by the State owe their due diligence to the person they are guardian for and to the State that appoints them. Generally they are not appointed unless the family has failed to, or is unable to step up for the senior. Sometimes in family wars. They are not under obligation to the family. They are under obligation to report to the court.
I personally know a fiduciary very well. I have heard stories you cannot imagine. Some of them live in fear for their very lives because of out of control families.
The Fiduciary I know hides his home address in the last decades due to attacks on his very home.
Is there some specific question you have, such as how and why and what circumstances might a State Guardianship be ordered?
There are problems with guardianship and families often enough when a fiduciary places a person for reasons of funds/assets/conditions, and the family disagrees; sometimes placement is too far for them to regularly visit.
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haileybug Oct 2020

I sent you a pm.
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