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Hi, I can only tell u what helped when that happened to me. After my divorce, ex was harassing me, & telling everyone I was crazy. I felt so isolated that I started to believe it was all my fault, maybe I'd made a huge mistake, & that my kids hated me. (Felt like I was losing my mind cuz he had everyone on his side). But the more I fretted, the more he liked it cuz he wanted to destroy me. I finally just took any job I cud get, got my mind off it all...(had new problems), & got some people to pray for me. (I recommend asking for prayer). But get ur mind free!... Any way you can!
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I think I need more details to know what situation you find yourself in. About the only way I know to learn to stop questioning yourself is to get some help to comb through where this came from. I think that we all question ourselves, and our motivations. Eventually we all have to come to a conclusion on how to move forward. Sometimes, in life, we go right and sometimes we go wrong. I think most of us do the best we can.
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I did not know what gas lighting was, but I was a victim of it for years. Distance and therapy got me through it and now I am thriving.

If your parent is the source of the issue, you must for your own sanity and well being, stop being the caregiver and if you live with them get your own place. The person gas lighting you will not change their behaviour.

One of the things I learned, was that whatever ther person was saying about me, they truly were looking into a mirror and saying about themselves. They could not accept it in themself, so they projected it onto me. It is truly crazy making. It can also impact physical health.
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Hi there. I saw your other thread too.

I can tell you what I found helpful when I was questioning myself, and that was to go to individual counseling. Having an objective trained person listen to you and give you feedback is very valuable.

In some cases it will help validate your feelings and in some cases you can get some sound advice.

What specifically is distressing you now? I'll try to help and there are also some very wise women here who will likely have some advice for you.

Take a deep breath.
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