My Mom's mind has been slipping for quite a while. She's had two STEM cell transplants and countless chemo treatments that I feel have effected her memory....and her hearing. In February, my brother took my mother to his "residence" which is his girl friend's HUD house. We have had no contact with our mother since he did this. He will not answer his cell phone. My sister has sent message after message, it goes unanswered. He took my mother to some lawyer to have her declared competent and we think he had himself made her power of attorney. I have my mother's Medical Power of Attorney as I was the one who stayed with her during both of her STEM cell transplants.
We haven't heard anything since April....and that was only because I knew my mother was at a bowling alley and I went there to see her.
My sister has received countless calls from my mother's financial adviser, but she said she isn't going to return them since my brother is calling all the shots.
Please keep in mind, my Mom's taxes were not filed. The IRS is after my brother, I don't know why, but he has his mail sent to my mom's address. He is collecting disability.....but can bowl. Meanwhile, my Mom hasn't seen her grandchildren, ages 20, 21, 23, 25, 31 and 33 or her three great grandchildren. Its hard for me to explain to my grandson who is only 7 when he asks why great grandmom doesn't come visit or call him.
Can someone please give me some direction????

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