I used to work catering and it is a set time.

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When I say I work for a catering company. I do not cook for them, but I have for customer.
I go to work for a catering company . I load a truck for everything I need for lunch, dinner or meeting. I got to the place and I set up the event and service the event. Load the truck drive back to shop, unload the truck and got home. Sometimes I go to work at 6:30 am sometimes I go to work at 7:00 am. I might get back to the shop at 2:00 or 3:00 pm. Sometimes later. Sometime I go to work at 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm. It depend on what the event is.
I also have private customer that I have worked for since 1988. I have seen their kids make their Bar Mitzvah, graduate, get engaged, get married and have their kids. My private customer want me to start back to work too. They call me every week to go back to work. All I want to do is go back to work, but I need my mom to be taken care of while I work. Does anybody know of anybody that does private duty.
Every company I have called they tell me that they can't guarantee that the person would show up.
My mom has long term care insurance, but they won't pay me because I am blood relative and I live with my mom. I have had my mom home with me since June 11,2018. Mom was under 90 lbs when I brought her home.To my mom house where I live too. I have taken care of her myself 24 hours a day. She is start to stand up.
Please somebody help me.
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I will tell you a story, it is true, so I will call her Jane.

Jane was a single Mum with 5 kids at home. Her husband decided when she had the twins that he did not want to be married any longer. She was devastated and dealt with depression for a couple years.

Jane needed a job and we were brainstorming as she wrote her resume. She had trained as a teacher, but after years of home schooling, she had let her teaching certificate lapse and it would take courses, time and money to get it reinstated. She mentioned she had made desserts for a restaurant in the past. She would go in when the restaurant was closed and bake pies, cheesecakes and more.

We put that in her resume and she got an incredible job. It was acting as a housekeeper and cook for several retired priests who live in a house together. Jane loved it, she prepared their big meal for mid day and left them sandwiches for their evening meal or soup to warm up. She was home when the kids were off school.

After a few years of that and when the kids were older, she got a second job, working in the kitchen at an Independent Living, working in the kitchen. She did both jobs for a while, then was promoted to kitchen manager at the IL.

So think outside the box, there may be a way you can use your catering skills to find a job that does have regular hours.
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Can you work for another caterer prepping food for them at your home? Food that maybe isn't hot so you can make it somewhat in advance? Since you know how to cook, maybe you can do meal prep and delivery for well-off clients. My cousin (who was an excellent cook) did this for a while for some doctors. He prepped gourmet meals then froze them, but also prepped the food in their homes and also delivered. Other than thinking beyond what you used to do: you can't fit a square peg into a round hole if you can't predict a catering schedule and you know it isn't going to work. So, move beyond it.

Your profile says you are caring for your 90-yr old mom. Does she live with you? Are you saying you can work full-time if it's a set schedule? There is a labor shortage right now (and smart, experienced adults) so finding another type of job shouldn't be that difficult. Maybe consider working as a customer service rep for a company. This means you answer their 1-800 customer service calls on your phone in your home. My cousin did this and it worked out well. Wishing you good luck finding the right fit!
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