My MIL lives with us. She is convinced people are coming into her room. (She even put powder on the floor to look for footprints).
She thinks we are doing it to make her think she is crazy so we can put her in a nursing home. She is angry and accusing us.
What do we do? I suggested she talk to her Dr., but she won't go.

Delusions, paranoia and hallucinations are all a part of this awful disease. My mother had so many I lost count.
She, too obsessed that she was being stalked and spied on. It was controlled somewhat by medications but not eradicated. She may even think her doctor is in cahoots with you. You can try the old “you have to go to the doctor or they'll cancel your insurance” ploy. It might work. You can firmly tell her she’s going to the doctor if you have to physically pick her up and put her in the car. You can also go to the Visiting Physicians website and sign her up for home visits. We recently signed up for their services because hubby is bedridden and getting him up and out was extremely difficult. I agree that if she becomes hysterical or violent, call 911.
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Your Moms Dementia is advancing. There is medication for these hallucinations if they are severe and frequent. Also, if she is upset by them. That is an anxiety and she should not be made to suffer with it. Call her doctor. Tell her she needs to see him to talk about what you are doing to her. A little white lie.
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Has she been diagnosed with dementia? I'm not sure what could be done without a doctor's exam and evaluation. It sounds like she really needs that. I'd explain to her doctor and ask for instruction. Any change in mental status should be reported to her doctor immediately. If she become dangerous, I'd call 911. I might also consult with an Elder Law attorney to get advice on how to precede if she is not cooperative. I'd keep in mind that with delusions, it's unlikely to convince the person that they are wrong. I'd try to comfort and console her that's she okay and safe. I hope that others will have some suggestions.
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