*Driving Her to appts or ER

*Doing her Shopping

*Cooking meals

*Cleaning Her home

*Vehicle maintenance/cleaning gas etc

*Tending her yards (front side & back) Cutting grass, trimming, weeding & the like

*8 cats 7 in house 1 outside, Feeding & Litterbox tending, Vet visits & the like

*Pick up Rx's


*Getting gifts wrap /tag for her great grand child

Just to make a few

My profile talks more on this, she's my best friend even @30+yrs my senior & she feels like death is fast approaching & or is wishing it to be. Her ignorant family is of no help whatsoever & is NOT helping her stress either. I love her as she is My Family thanks be to God for granting me her as first a neighbor to friend & beyond. She is begininng to make housing arrangements & plans for her cats in the event of her ...ya know...or sooner if I can be paid I would be free to help her nearly 24/7/365 my car would be fixed, I live 15 miles away.

It's dangerous to drive there (need brakes fixed etc) since I had to move & her car is a stick once there I drive it. But with my current car issues it limits my availability I need to spend every moment I can with her for as long as I can.

Health insurance nor Medicare will pay for what you do.

I would contact a family member and tell them you no longer are able to do what you have been doing. That your friends health is much more than you can give. That someone needs to take over her care and maybe place her somewhere where she can be taken care of. If no one steps up, call Adult Protection Services (APS). Ask for them to evaluate the situation giving them a name of a family member to contact.

Its nice that you have done all that you have done. But because you are not a family member there is really nothing you can do.
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Medicaid will only pay for meal prep, personal needs (bathing, etc.), light housekeeping, laundry and shopping. Medicaid will not pay pay you to pick up RX but will pay a nurse through an agency to pick and set up meds. The rest of your list is considered "informal" care and it is "family responsibility." In order to get paid, she would need to contact her case worker on how to set up a needs assessment and they will determine the support she needs. Homecare workers do nothing with pets.

Your best bet is to rehome the cats and get her in a safe facility which meets her needs.
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