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My mom was a natural complainer/skeptic/cynic/negative before she reached 90. I began calling her my little gray cloud. Now she does it from age, so I just change the topic abruptly to something positive (anything!). If she takes up more complaining either change the topic again or literally walk into another room. If your mom is elderly and has dementia, you won't be able to "change" her behavior, you can only change how you react to it. Do you have a laptop or tablet? Show her some funny animal videos posted online. Even Satan won't be able to prevent a smile when seeing those! Good luck!
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When our moms complain a lot, if is difficult to deal with. Annoying, boring, etc.

BUT when these moms have dementia, etc., then we have to do our very best to not get crazy about it! You have to keep your temper, have to realize that she can't really help it.

We need to find ways to deal with it. Find answers to give them that wouldn't really get into an argument or keep the conversation going. Need to let it go in one ear and out the other.

Change the subject. Take a deep breath. Take a walk.
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Sorry, it we really cannot provide any advice without more detail. What are your mother’s issues as far as mental and physical health? Where does she live? What is she complaining about? Not sure what you mean by “craziness.” Are you considering doing yourself or her any harm?
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