My dad died in Dec of 2017 in England as that's where he lived. I am from England but moved over here to USA 18 yrs ago. None of my family ever spoke to me again. People have been trying to get hold of me saying your dad has passed and left you some money in his will. I called my eldest brother after 20 yrs of no communication. My brother said yes he’s left you an amount of money, he won’t tell me how much or what the solicitor's name is he just says look I’m going to meet face to face with him a week Thursday, but don’t worry about it l will take good care of you. I really don’t know my brother that well like l said we have not spoken in over 20 yrs. What do I do please?

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Hold your horses, a minute; don't panic.

When your brother told you that he is meeting "him" a week Thursday, I assume he meant he is meeting with the official who will grant probate. That has to be done before legacies can be distributed, at which point you will also receive a copy of the will. If you still have questions after that...

There are things you can do, but it would have to be a substantial amount of money in question and you would have to have very good reasons indeed for believing that you have been short-changed. Otherwise it just wouldn't be worth the hassle and the risk.

But anyway, why cross bridges you haven't come to? Six months is a reasonable canter when it comes to wrapping up an estate. You weren't even aware that this legacy was coming your way. What is it that is worrying you?
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The above link is to the UK government website regarding wills and probate. I would use that link to get accurate information. You need your father's name and year of death. You can find a copy of your father's will (public record) and know how much you should receive and perhaps the lawyers information will be there too.
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And whatever you do, Pippy, DONT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY!!! No matter what he tells you—that if you give him X amount of dollars you will get XXX dollars back. Scammers are international. You say you really don’t know your brother. You need to see a copy of your Dad’s death certificate and his will. Unfortunately, you don’t know this guy and even if he really IS your brother. Protect yourself. Get an attorney!
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Who has been trying to get hold of you and telling you that your "dad has passed and left you some money in his will". Can you trace their phone number or email address?

Since you haven't talked to your brother in 20 years, I don't know that I would trust him to take care of your interest at the meeting with the solicitor (lawyer). Have you contacted a lawyer here in the USA and asked him/her to contact your brother to get the information?

Do you have friends in England who are still friends of your family? (Is that who contacted you about your Dad's death?) Maybe they know what is going on regarding the solicitor (lawyer) or maybe they can find out without asking too many questions. How about calling the mortuary in England and seeing what information they have?

Here is USA when a will going into Probate, the executor of the will has to put an "Ad" in the newspaper asking that all creditors contact the lawyer prior to a certain date. Do they have a similar requirement in England? Have you done a internet scan of any obituaries for your Dad or for any legal documentation that might have been published in newspapers about your Dad?

Let us know what you find out. God Bless.
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