We live in CA. My mom was diagnosed with Dementia and I was given temporary guardianship of her in 2015 by Kaiser. Since then I found out this woman who is an ex-employer of my mom, has physically relocated her closer to her area without telling me and recently into another apt, but all the things my mom had and I had at my mom's house is now gone. She claimed she gave my/ our things to Goodwill and when I ask my mom she gets combative with me if I ask her anything about that woman. She has POA at the IRS, bank, Kaiser, she has made false claims to evict and has restraining order against my daughter to not live at my mom's house. This so called caregiver never once dared to enter my mom's apt when my daughter lived with her for over a year.

I want to banish her from my mom. I live 80 miles away from my mom's and my daughter does drive to check in on her every two weeks. Can I call the police and give them the letter from hospital of moms condition and guardianship? Can I get a restraining order against her an her husband and mother in-law? Revoke all POAs and listings where she is listed as emergency contact?

Mom used to be a nurse and she thinks she is still normal but she is not and when ever my husband and I try to help her she thinks I am trying to steal every and anything from her because that woman has been telling her my daughter was goin thru her things and we we're taking her things when it has been that woman.

She yells and belittles my mom, according to a caregiver I hired for mom in 2015 call and said that is what that woman did and she even has our tribe in AZ thinking that she is a good honest person when she is not. I also think she has taken out life insurance policy or policies on my mom. How can I find out and have her charged for stealing, email abuse, mental and verbal abuse?

CWillie is correct. Kaiser could not give her guardianship. You need an attorney immediately. If can’t afford an attorney, Call Adult Protective Services and have them investigate. How is this woman your mom’s former employer and then her caregiver?
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Uhm, I don't think an insurance company can give you temporary guardianship, and any kind of temporary authority is "temporary" and will have expired. If in your opinion you can you prove that your mom is mentally incompetent then you will need to hire a lawyer and petition the court to be her legal guardian. In the meantime if there is financial or any other kind of abuse going on you could ask APS to investigate.
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