About 8 days after left kidney removed he suffered paranoia and fear to be at home. Dad asked me to put him somewhere because he could not take care of himself. Took him to primary care doctor and she signed authorization to have him evaluated in mental ward. While he was there we found a NH with a 4 1/2 star rating who stated they would diagnose him and get him out of the mental ward. The NH put him on 8 medications and I finally took him to a Neurologist after a year because the doctors the NH hired were not helping him. The NH put him in a cattle drive category and that was it. The Neurologist agreed with me to get him off of the drugs, he had no prior signs of dementia or MCI. In the mean time I had to take him home because he was calling me at work 20 time a day trying to detox. After sleep studies, new psychiatrist and testing we are looking at central sleep apnea, and encephalopathy of unknown kind. My Dad was doing great off of the drugs, back to the gym and getting close to my dog who pays unlimited attention to him. My Dad was in great health aside from his kidney before his surgery. So he has done well for about 7 months, but for the last several weeks he has been sleeping for about 9 hours and then sleeps during the day for several hours. He has had blood test. The only prescription medication he is taking to make him sleepy is the Aricept, Gabapentin and blood pressure medication0.5 and he takes them around 8:00pm. Also for the last couple of months he has been yelling in his sleep. He has recently been diagnosed with neuropathy and restless leg syndrome.

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Did they check his electrolytes? This is a huge factor for being tired and exhausted. Our bodies need those to function properly.

It sounds like he might have some medical issues that are zapping his strength. Give him good nutrition and supplements and let him sleep, that's how our bodies heal.
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Did the blood work come back? Sometimes, the "normal" range given by the lab is too large, IMHO, so there might be something that's borederline too high or too low that could be addressed to help him.

It's great that he made such a recovery, prior to this sleepiness issue. I would have suggested maybe a new med as the cause but doesn't sound like he's on anything new, right?

How's his pain level? When my mom's in more pain than usual, she's more tired.

Does restlesss leg syndrome disrupt sleep? As in he might be "sleeping" but it's not a restful sleep?
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FightingforDad Apr 22, 2019
Dad had routine CT. Found suspension for metastasis to spine from chromaphobe renal cell Cacinoma . Found hypodense lision in liver dome. He gets a biopsy on Wed. 4/24/19. Thanks for your reply

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