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My Mom was uncomfortable in a wheelchair because of a previous lower back injury and arthritis. At her AL she was able to get around with a walker. In rehab, because she was a fall risk, they left her in a wheelchair. Every day I requested a pillow to support her back. I finally asked why the pillow keeps disappearing I was told by the therapist she determines who gets pillows. They had complained about Mom constantly trying to get up, I said she is trying to get comfortable. TG she wasn't there much longer. Wonder if any of these people have ever sat in a wheelchair all day.

This is an AL and Mom is paying lots to live there. You have a right to tell them when in her room, she needs to be in her chair and why. If they have to get her up and put her in a wheelchair to transport her, oh well. SHE IS PAYING FOR THAT SERVICE.

Is this Moms Wchair. If so there are cushions and inserts that can make them more comfortable. Roho cushions are nice but expensive. I always had a firm small pillow for Mom to place at the base of her spine. I actually use a similar one when on long car trips.
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If they want to move her from one location to another it is much easier (and safer) if she is already in a wheelchair rather than trying to transfer her from a chair to the wheelchair.
They are also supposed to re-position someone at least every 2 hours. This is probably easier done if she is in a wheelchair. And typically at the same time a bathroom stop is done for toiletings or a brief change.
If this is a "basic" wheelchair there are ones that are more padded, have relining backs, taller backs this might be a more comfortable option.
Having her in the wheelchair also places her where there are people so she is not isolated in her room.
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Have you talked to your mom's facility to share your concern? I'm guessing you have. What did they say? Now that most facilities are back open to family visits, every time that someone goes to visit her, make sure they are insisting that mom be put back in her lift chair. Sadly I know that with some facilities you have to stay on top of them constantly to make sure your LO is getting the proper care. Best wishes.
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Speak to the Director of Nursing, Administrator or Patient Relations Coordinator. If these measures fail talk to Ombudsman.
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