After a major stroke 5 days ago, my mom of 70 yrs sleeps all the time. Only right hand & arm paralyzed... she has feeling in leg and toes.

(She also has Alzheimer's dementia and severe osteoporosis in back, hips, knees, all over)

She does not respond when talked to. Only on the first and 2nd day. She now doesn't even open her eyes.

She at first took fluids and ensure. For the first 2 days and from day 3, she doesn't open her eyes, and doesn't eat or drink at all. How can we get her to take fluids? Not to dehydrate...?

According to me her eyes are dilated. We shine a light in and it just stares. When they were open at first it seems that they look right through you...

Please advise.

We are from South Africa. She does not have medical aid. Not in hospital.

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To answer if she is dying, you need to get that from a doctor. We r lay people. In the US, she would have been put into rehab to help her get strength back and do therapy.

If you have Hospice, I would call and ask for an evaluation.
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In South Africa medical aids are very expensive. We can not afford that. If no medical aid, you need to go to state hospitals and clinics. That we do not want to because of personal reason and past experiences. The patients are just left unattended and have to wait hours to days before a dr see them. When admitted they just lay there and the family is not allowed to visit. The drs do not give any information on their wellbeing or health. Or any feedback what they did etc.

After the 1st light stroke we took her to a private dr and he confirm that. He prescribed bloodthinning meds. Which she took. She had another major one two days later.
But was a bit responsive. 2 days later nothing. Her eyes is closed all the time but she is busy with the left hand although she also snores..

We now about 25 minutes ago got her to eat 5 spoons of yogurt and she drink about 250ml water...

Can you maybe advice... is she busy dying or is she just sleeping or a coma or what...? : (
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Can you call her doctor to order hospice services for your mother? Is such a service available where you are? What about calling an ambulance to get her back to the hospital? I'm not sure what you mean when you say she does not have 'medical aid'..........? Does that mean no medical care paid for by insurance? How do you know that she had a stroke? She must have been in the hospital after such a thing, right? Why did they release her, and with what sort of after-care instructions? Sorry for all the questions, but your post is not clear.

I am sorry you are going through such a terrible must be very frightened! Sending you a hug and some prayers for a good outcome with your dear mom.
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