Having savings might actually work in her favor if she needs to be placed in a nursing home. We found the better nursing homes had waiting lists even for people who could enter as private pay. Private pay patients are also allowed to have private rooms , which are not always offered to those entering as Medicaid patients. Private pay patients are also the first in line for the facility's Medicaid beds once they run out of money.

Medicaid is the only way most families can afford the care of a nursing home. But - as with everything- you have more options if you have money. Keep your mom's savings!
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The one inevitable and unavoidable spend down is prepaying for the funeral.
Fortunately my LO would have wanted it done, so I took care of it as soon as she entered AL.
Other suggestions may require some decision making, but this seems like a pretty universal expenditure, and you’ll have an indisputable record when you need it.
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Why not wait until she needs to go somewhere covered by medicaid and then spend the money down until she actually qualifies for the medicaid since she's in semi good health now?
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