She needs help with medication. She doesn't like fixing meals. I am her daughter and I live over 50 miles away. I also work and can't get there everyday. My brother does nothing to help me.

Assisted living? You have your responsibilities. Fifty miles away? You should be only visiting when YOU have the time and energy for it. Call the Area Agency on Aging for a needs assessment. Find resources other than you to find the help she needs.
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I have been taking care of husband since 1995. From heart surg., back surg, in 2013 he had two strokes to another heart surg, Was bedridden for 7 months. I did this all by myself made too much over,, Finally got him into a wheelchair, for a year now for past few years to a walker. He has diabetes neuophty, stroke messed up his right hand, has a very hard time walking and eating. Can take a shower and go to bathroom by himself. But cannot dress himself as far as pants shoes, socks etc. He has only been our of apartment 5 times in 2 years .>Does not want to get out only to doctor. He sits in recliner from 8 to 8 everyday only to get up to go to bathroom and go to bed, Wont get up to go in kitchen never since moved here. I am lost on all of this not knowing what to do anymore ..Any ideas would be helpful ,I need to get a life even if he doesn't want one anymore. Sounds cold but I am totally burnt out, No help from family they don't want anything to do with him ,He burnt bridges too many times with so many.
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You will need to see what services are available in her area. Call her local Office of Aging and ask what services they have. Call her Church and see if a member would pick her up. Ask if the Church has "visitors". If Mom is low income, Medicaid may pay for Daycare. They provide other services too.

Your other choice would be an AL or NH near you depending on her finances.
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