Mom has been hospitalized several times for heart failure fluid overload. For years she has had back pain non related to her heart failure. Unfortunately every hospital stay is very uncomfortable due to her movement restrictions in the bed, IV, cabling, etc. We manage the back pain well at home, but the hospital never manages. Every time she is in the hospital she has pain and immediately the hospice pushers start circling. They all were convinced she only had a couple months to live over a year ago. We have always declined hospice and rehabbed with success. It just happened again and mom was having back pain in the hospital and we refused hospice again for rehab. This time he approved rehab, but prescribed end of life drugs including high doses of morphine. Mom is allergic to morphine and it's on her chart. She died in the nursing home within 36 hours from reaction to the morphine or outright overdose. How is this possible? I've made complaints to the state health department, but it's been difficult to see her charts because my Power of attorney ended with her death. I just don't understand what is wrong with those hospice pushers, perhaps if they were older and had more life experience they might understand how precious more time can be for some people.

I am a 78 year old retired RN who is incredibly thankful for hospice and the care and relief it gives us when the end is near.
I cannot tell you what it was, at the beginning of my career to see people die SCREAMING IN AGONY. And I saw it a lot. I do not think I would have survived my early nurses training had I not already been in my early 30s when I began school.
You do not give us your Mom's age, but whatever her age she had CHF. This, spelled out is Congestive Heart Failure. You cannot "rehab" a failing heart. It is a very simple pump in the end. And when it fails the end is near.
I will say no more from my own perspective as I can see that your mind is very set and I understand your feelings will not be changed by me.
I can only suggest that you, if you are executor of your Mom's estate, will eventually be able to get records with the help of a Lawyer if this is what you wish to do.
I hope that you will do what you need to give yourself some peace, or until you find some peace with your very sad loss. I hope you will eventually be able to move on with happy and joy-filled memories of a loving Mom, and to celebrate her (hopefully long) life.
I wish you peace and am sorry for you loss.
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You probably can sue. It was in her chart and they made a BIG mistake.
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I am so sorry that happened to your mom, and you. It's heartbreaking for sure. Did you request an autopsy on your mom, so you could find out the actual cause of death? If not, what did her death certificate say was her cause of death? I would certainly contact an attorney and see what you options are at this point. Best wishes.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

May God grant you grieving mercies and wisdom during this difficult time.

Have the executor request the records or invoke the law that gives the legal next of kin rights without any court order.

If they are refusing it is because they are altering the records to cover their butts. I would have an attorney request the records from all facilities involved and then sue the pants off of everyone involved with prescribing and administering drugs that she was allergic to and they knew that she was.

Best of luck getting this dirtbag doctor held accountable for his egregious actions.
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