My Uncle has no kids. His wife is crazy, currently in mental health institute.

My Uncle does not bathe, he pees and poops on himself.

His home is so bad you can smell it from the door.

Dog poop all over.

He isn’t eating properly.

There is nobody capable of taking him in.

I called Adult protective services and they went to see him. Told him he needs to go to nursing home but then we never heard anything else and things have gotten worse.

Just found out he gave his debit card to the neighbor.

Find Care & Housing
Make sure they don't release Aunt back to her home. Explain husband not able to care for her and no family.
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i appreciate the helpful advise

the dogs I guess got out and the pound picked them up. Hopefully they can find a good home for them.
A neighbor called the police on my Aunt, she became hostile with them so they sent her to mental health hospital on the first
i live an hour away and he lost his phone so I didn’t find out for two weeks

APS worker never returns my calls
im going to call another number Monday and see if they will get someone else on it.
the police did see house and took him to hospital where he stayed for 4 hours

i plan lane to blow up everyone’s phones till they help me
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Just have to say, 63 is not that old. I don't think he has age related decline. There is something mentally wrong here. Could be Dementia or ALZ. He really needs an eval. And if there is a dog, he needs to be taken out of the house. If Uncle not caring for himself, he is not caring for the dog.
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Call APS again see what they decided. If they say, he can live that way, call the health dept.

What peeves me I bet they make sure the dog is taken but not ur Uncle.

If they don't help, all you can do is wait for something to happen, like a hospital visit. Make sure the hospital knows there is no family to care for him. So he should not be released to his home. They can have him evaluated for long term care. DO NOT try to care for this person. He will be better in LTC.

Good Luck
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When you talked to APS did they explain their process?
Perhaps you could call them back and give them an update and ask what their next step is.
You might also call the Area Agency on Aging to ask for their guidance.
How did your aunt get hospitalized? Who helped her?
Please come back and let us know what you find out.
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If you don't have POA ( And I am guessing you don't) are you willing to apply for guardianship? If he has a Dr can they help ( probably not if your not POA) But maybe you can tell the Dr your concerns?
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