My 92yr old father with dementia just got out of the hospital from having an Angina attack. It really scared me, I thought it was a stroke. Now I really worry, is this a warning to what lies ahead? They say it's not but I worry it is. And he also seems a little disappointed, that this "attack" didn't "take" him. I know he's not liking being old and feeling helpless. I've been his 24hr caretaker since April. I do all the cooking, cleaning, bill paying, yard work. I let him do small stuff like dishes, and getting the mail and such, but mostly he sits and naps. For now, so soon after I'm letting him rest, I'm staying close by.
Anyone experience something like this? Any suggestions?

Thank you both for your kind words. As dads caregiver, I'm also his POA and Health Advocate, and Trustee/Successor of the Trust/Estate. Thankfully dad has all his ducks in a row. I took over everything in may. And took a LOA from work. I have 2 brothers but I'm more able to care for dad.
Today he was a bit better. I let him sleep in a bit. I know his wishes and respect them. And will follow thru. I just worry, and it saddens me to see him slowly decline/age. To me he'll always be that strong handsome guy that could do anything. And was always there for me. But now it's my turn to be there for him. As he says, it sucks getting old. And I know in his heart hes ready but he puts on a brave face for me. When his time does come, I'll be with him every step of the way. This whole incident was an eye opener for sure. And I have been doing alot of reading up on Angina, stroke and heart attacks. Trust me, I want to be a educated and prepared as possible especially since we're far in the country, it took the ambulance 20 min., which felt like forever, to get to us. I'll be ready! Fyi..I paint alot, that's my therapy and helps me be better for him😉
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You know your Father's wishes now. Please be certain that POA for health care is done, that you have his POLST done by his doctor saying he doesn't want resuscitation, and discuss palliative care, comfort care with him and his doctor. Get all forms and papers done now. Angina in itself is really unconnected to anything deadly. It is not a heart attack or a stroke though it can FEEL like the former. Medications will help with it. Google it please and you will understand more. It can happen with narrowing of vessels and can happen with spasming of them. Scary but not deadly. He is very lucky to have you. Get as educated as you can on Angina as that will help him be less scared. This warning that "stuff can happen" affords you both the time to sit and discuss his wishes now. Do not battle him; if he wants to be allowed to go peacefully you are the lioness at the gate to see his wishes are fulfilled best they can be. Talk about this together, and you will both be a bit relieved. Then get papers in place so you can help him more. He is lucky to have you.
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What a sweetheart of a daughter you are! My aunt had angina for years. Your dad just needs to take his meds regularly. Watching our LO give up pieces of themselves bits and chunks at a time is very stressful and sad. But this is life and no one "gets out alive". End of life so often is only about loss and I don't blame him for being disappointed and probably depressed. He would probably benefit from antidepressants if you can talk him into seeing his doc. They've helped my MIL immensely -- a huge improvement. Also, since your dad seems to have all his mental faculties, please make sure you or a trusted, local person has his Durable Power of Attorney (DPoA) so that if he slides into cognitive decline, someone is in a proper legal position to make decisions on his behalf. Also, as the amount of care you provide increases, you should prepare your heart and mind that he may have to go into a facility, as paid in-home care is very expensive and requires management, unless he is very financially secure. Please read the forum on Caregiver Burnout. Wishing you peace!
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