My sister is disabled and has been living with me since August 2016. She is a fall risk, is up all hours of the day and night and has a tendency to fall asleep when she is still for any length of time. I need to be with her all the time, but I cannot afford it without being paid. What can I expect? She will not let home health care aides see to her because she does not want to give up her dignity to strangers.

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Does this mean that you have had no income for the last 8 months? Gosh, that is tough! How are you getting by? Is Sis's income sufficient for room and board for both of you? I can certainly understand why you would want/need to have some additional money coming in.

As ff says, it is not realistic for your sister to insist that only you can be with her and care for her. I imagine there are a good many things that she wants that she can't have because of her disability. Regrettably this may be one more.

But ... the current issue is how to have more income. First, call the national organization for the condition your sister has and ask for advice. Also call your state/county's agency that deals with benefits for the handicapped. Ask how to get a Needs Assessment for your sister, and follow up on that.

The person who comes to your home for the assessment will know of all county and state programs -- even those not run by the county. Sister may very well be advised to apply for Medicaid. Follow up on that! In many states a relative can be paid for services they determine she is eligible for.

(For example, my brother was paid for cleaning and laundry a few hours a week. My sister was paid for some of the caregiving hours. They did not pay for Mom's 24/7 care.)

Even if Medicaid in your state does not pay family members, they may provide an aide and that MIGHT allow you to work at least parttime, and/or retain your sanity.

So, leave no stone unturned in looking for extra income. And since this is a topic near and dear to many people on this forum, please come back and report your progress. Good luck!
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nomisbehvn, majority of grown children are not paid to take care of a family member unless that family member can pay out out of their own savings.

There will need to be a time where your Sister no longer has a choice who will be taking care of her. You, yourself, cannot do the work of 3 full-time caregivers each and every day without it ruining your health.

So I would try bringing in a trained caregiver for a few hours each day [if your Sister can budget this cost or if Medicaid has a program]. You can tell your sister the caregiver isn't for her, the caregiver is there to help you as you can't do everything yourself.
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