Sister has Dementia that is getting worse. None of her family can afford to help with expenses. She lives by herself; neighbors in the same apt. look in on her a lot. her daughter lives in Texas and son in Paris, IL where she lives; but does not help in any way. I am one of two brothers and we both are not in good health nor can help with the cost she is 78, I'm 74, other brother is 81 we both have heart problems. Where could I find financial help

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Thanks to those you that responded to my question! I have tried every thing I know of and things recommended. The problem is the State of IL; they are broke and have not been paying Medicaid bills; plus they have limited the number of Medicaid patients in a nursing home. We applied for Medicaid, the red tape is unreal. I called Medicaid office at Charleston IL. I had one issue on the cash value of a life insurance of which I had to fax 27 pages of my POA. Which states I had immediate power to act on Sister's behalf.
Gerber would not acknowledge that and said I would have to have Sister call them and she would tell them it was ok to talk to me.
Medicaid said it would take 25 days from 22nd of Sept. 2016. I was told by a Social worker Medicaid would drag their feet, because IL was broke and couldn't pay.
Lincoln Land was suggested; it is a home Health Care that charges quite a bit for their
services of which my Sister cannot afford. Nor can any of us.
Some one has to be able to help her!!!!
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Ask the son to go to the Community Center for Seniors of E at 256 W Court St, Paris, IL and ask for help. They can get a social worker to review her needs with her.
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Wallace, call your sister's State Medicaid office to see if your sister could qualify for Medicaid. If your sister needs a lot of hands-on help, then Medicaid could find her a nursing home and will help pay for her care.

And don't feel you and brother should be there to help her, you all are senior citizens yourself, and caring for someone with dementia is a young person's job who has a lot of energy. As for your sister's children, she probably has told them many times she doesn't need any help or fights them tooth and mail if they recommend caregivers coming to the house [my Mom was like that].
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