Hello. My husband is disabled. I have a 24 year old special needs daughter now. His sister should not be his payee I should which I did apply, I cannot seem to get Social Security to listen to me here where we live.

I think I spoke to someone at the head office out of town and they seemed to listen better anyways our lives are hell she only gives him a little money which she brings to him she did not wont to take care of him get the money.

We are struggling due to her controlling his money I hate every day now I made him head of household causing me to lose my Section 8, now we need to move we now live in my 2bedroom apartment.

Well why did we tell her she is trying to control that and I need advice on how to not let her we got approved for an waiting list 2 to 3 year wait hubby and I discussed trying to get him to her its 200 dollars more then here.

No it is not she has mentioned one apartment even seeing about another unit here I told her apartments are high and yes Section 8 does help I see do not rent anything 600 or that apartment rents 689 I wont to move around more grocers and neighborhood stores can walk to either one of us can drive.
Been married 3 years but I am thinking be best to just ask for my divorce he is scared of her and wont speak up the stress and worry I deal with is to much for me but I need advice on how to move out with just my daughters income which is SSI.

It takes for me to do things I went a long time going to Social Security Legal Aid could not help me I was shocked he needs to be treated right and so do I how is she doing this.

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Does your hubby need 24 hour care or can he be left for at least a few hours while you work? Was he as badly disabled when you got married? Can your special needs daughter be left alone?
Are there any day care programs that either hubby and/or daughter attend?
Why do you need to move, a 2 bed apartment should be enough for three people.
Come back with more details.
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You can make a hundred phone calls and talk til you're blue in the face but you will never be able to change anything unless you have the proper legal authority to do so. Your husband needs to be the one who changes his POA and makes you his payee and unless he is willing your hands are tied.
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How is she doing this?

How long has your husband needed someone to act as his POA? What are his relevant disabilities? You've been married 3 years, you have a 24 year old daughter, your husband has moved into your apartment - but how long has his sister been his primary caregiver, taken care of managing his household bills and made sure he had somewhere to live until he met you?

My guess would be that she is deeply suspicious of you, and especially of your making your husband the nominal head of the household, and of your efforts to take over control of his finances. Do you really find that surprising?

If possible, I think the best thing for you to do is go back to the legal aid people but this time make sure that they consider you and your husband as a married couple with a dependent adult child. If your husband has mental capacity and wishes to change his POA he is free to do that. Your trying to do it - and I'm sorry but it just does - makes it look as though you married the money, not the man.
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