Gus was diagnosed with Diabeties and was given a compensible disabilty ..... his wife has Alzhiemers and he can no longer care for her what assistance is available for here care ..... he is 67 she is 72

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What is available will depend in part on the compensation currently being received.
There are two cash benefit programs available from the VBA; Compensation (aka Disability) and Pension.
Compensation is service connected where the veteran, as in this case, was injured or disabled as a result of service. A disability rating is assigned and a check paid for the balance of the veteran's life.
Pension is a non-service connected, needs based benefit. The only service connected is 90 days of service one of which was during wartime, and a least a general discharge.
Both benefits are always based on the veteran's health needs unless a survivor's benefit is being sought.
If the veteran is not rated as needing Aid and Attendance Improved Pension then the maximum award for the couple will be $1381 per month in 2014.
If the veteran is rated as needing Aid and Attendance the maximum award will be $2,085 in 2014.
To receive the maximum pension in either case, net income for VA purposes (IVAP) must be $0. IVAP is arrived at by starting with household gross income and subtracting unreimbursed medical expenses including the cost of home or assisted living care. If IVAP is below the respective maximum award amounts above, a partial award may be granted. If subtracting eligible expenses = $0 income then a full award may be granted.
Assets (not including the house, automobile, and personal effects) will also be considered in determining an award.
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I wish I knew more to help you. I'm not sure if the wife gets benefits by virtue of being married to a Veteran in this type of situation, so I would check on that. I do know that recently when I was inquiring at a very nice Secure Memory Care facility that only accepts private pay and Long Term insurance, she asked if my loved one had ever been in the military. She said they have options for them at her facility. Sadly, my loved one is not a veteran, so I didn't ask for any details. I would check with Memory Care facilities and see what is available. The Memory Care facilities that I viewed, take care of the patient, right through all the stages. They are trained to work with dementia patients.

I would tell you to see if your mother qualifies for any other financial help, but that can be tricky if you do it without getting legal advice from an Elder law attorney who is trained in asset protection. Income and assets may be at risk and you may not qualify if you just walk in and apply without getting all the information first.. If you get that legal/financial advice, before you apply, you may be better served.
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Go up to the Money and Legal tab and click on Veterans Assistance. She should qualify for up to $1100 a month.
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