I have been dealing with my mom's dementia symptoms for 6 years now. She's seeing things, hearing things, she's been verbally abusive to my older sister that takes care of her at night. She's like a ticking time bomb. She believes stories and in her mind they're real. She thinks my sister is dating the guy across the street and that he beats her and sometimes has her in his home against her will. She has gone to the point where she has crossed the street and on to his driveway to defend my sister, which of course is not there. She can not distinguish reality with what she thinks in her head. She's yelled at me and has accused me of stealing her money and we've been through several care aides, because she thinks that they have stolen things from her. We've been through it all, so I can relate to some of these other stories. Here's the thing though, even though she has all these symptoms, she still has some good days and moments of sanity. When she's with me she is fine, yes she still is confused but not always. I know she needs to be in a nursing home, but other than checking to see if she can afford it or where the best place for her is, she has no income. She only receives Social Security which is not much. So my question would be, besides waiting for her to be placed, how else can I have her be taken, because she will not go willingly. I believe she is a danger to herself and others. Can the department of Agency be able to take her unwillingly if I call them?

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Yes, her doctor is aware. My mom is 83 and the doctor worries to put her on any drugs that would harm her or affect her blood pressure which she already takes medicine for. She is on Klonopin which makes her sleep at night and an anti anxiety med, I believe is Sertraline. But she still has the same symptoms. I will probably check with the dept. of aging and see if there is anything else that can be done

Thank you for your response
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I think you need to start with Mom's doctor. Is s/he aware of her psychiatric symptoms, and has there been any attempt treat them? If Mom were less agitated and paranoid, could you keep her at home?

Even if the answer is yes, you still need to start to compile a medical file, documenting Mom's need. You can't just sign someone into a Nursing home; they need to be medically in need of skilled Nursing care.

Third, I think you should  call you local Area Agency on Aging for a Needs assessment. That will tell you what the level of care necessary is.
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