A care companion provides companionship, emotional support, light housekeeping and may run some errands such as shopping. Care companions do NO hands on care or ADLs. HHA's or CNA's do the hands on care.
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OldSailor Mar 5, 2019
Maybe where you live but here the list of what they do is much longer.
About the only thing prohibited by law is the administration of medicines. They will,however, supervise the taking of medications.
Some things they do include,assistance with dressing, assistance with eating (feeding), changing protective underwear, cleansing during changes, assist with walking and bathroom trips.
I still suggest checking the state laws. They may be so restrictive as to need or require a licensed and bonded dentist to brush your own teeth.
Then search the companies providing the service.
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What are the states laws regarding them? What are the companies rules.?
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For who that is how old with what health issues concerning how many hours a day?
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